Mission Not Impossible

The goal is to get my family in a house of our own by Christmas! I've got an imaginary board of directors to help and I'm willing to do whatever is legal and moral to make this happen! If a guy can get a house with "One Red Paperclip," I think I can do it too!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Just crossed paths with our real estate agent while running errands in town. The listing agent will be delivering our keys at 2pm!
This is so different from all our other closings in the past. John was off Wednesday and when we called the title company that morning the papers were ready to go. We'd gone to the trouble of getting a power of attorney for me to sign in case everything came together and he couldn't get off work to sign documents. I was so grateful we didn't need it and we could be together for this very important moment in our lives.
Every other time we've closed we've signed papers and been handed the keys. This is also the first time we've bought a home that we expect to keep and not just turn around and move or trade up.
Now comes the hard part- fixing it all up! Something I've always wanted to do and never had the chance. I love make overs and now I'm ready to begin mine.
PS Have an Amazing Palm Sunday.

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