Mission Not Impossible

The goal is to get my family in a house of our own by Christmas! I've got an imaginary board of directors to help and I'm willing to do whatever is legal and moral to make this happen! If a guy can get a house with "One Red Paperclip," I think I can do it too!

Monday, March 12, 2012

One Week Five Days....

I looked at the calendar and got a shock last Friday. It was two weeks until closing! Yikes! The main thing left is to choose some tile to go in front of the wood stove insert to protect the flooring from heat and also from the wood that will inevitably get dumped on occasion. The tricky part is matching all the flooring to the tile and the brick fireplace as well. Maybe the right slate? Another thing to consider is that later we'll be tearing into the tile raised area downstairs for a second wood stove. What tile do I want on that huge expanse of floor and wall? John does't like the cobblestone river rock look that is very popular around here. My brain just gets tired with all the decisions it's having to make lately and under a pretty tight time frame. Good thing flooring is the last major one. Paint you can change any old time but tile if done right will last forever.... always, Vickie

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