Mission Not Impossible

The goal is to get my family in a house of our own by Christmas! I've got an imaginary board of directors to help and I'm willing to do whatever is legal and moral to make this happen! If a guy can get a house with "One Red Paperclip," I think I can do it too!

Friday, December 23, 2011

An answer of sorts...

Today I got a call from our real estate agent.  I wasn't home at the time but my oldest son asked her if she had good news.  She replied that it was not good news but not bad news either.  I called back and after a little phone tag she got a hold of me.  Finally the offer we'd written was actually being bumped up to management.  No  yes or no at this point but this is the first time they've taken us seriously enough to move forward.  With the holidays they explained that they wouldn't be able to get right back to us.  We understand and like I said the the previous post,

I've just had a great peace about the whole thing.  I'm not worried or flustered or concerned to any degree.  If it's meant to be it'll work out and be good.  If for some reason it doesn't work out it might in the future or we'll move on if needs be.  It's all good and I'm looking forward to Christmas.  At least one of us will be getting a house but no hints to the little ones please.  I"ll post pictures after the big day :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Great Peace...

This morning when I woke up I felt a great peace. The burden of getting our house for THIS Christmas had been lifted and I know we'll be in our house for the next one.  I don't know exactly which house that will be but it will  meet our needs and be a great blessing to my family. 

Yesterday I'd just had enough.  I had a foot massage from a friend of mine and she was finished and doing the "alignment part"  and I wouldn't align.  We had a talk about what I needed to do or let go or think about.  She said I needed to do something for myself.  What would I like to do?  Spend money, read a book, get a house.  I settled on checking a book out of the library and getting my oil changed on my van.  I came home and only had to make dinner for four- we had leftovers.  Well they had leftovers and I fasted.  

I still have a couple of kids to get things for and they're gifts have not been easy or come together.  I mentally threw my hands in the air and said Lord I cast these burdens back to thee.  I have no clue what to do for them and what would be the gifts that they need the most and would appreciate.  I don't know what to do about the house either..... went to bed and woke up with a couple of answers, mainly about the house and where to do today when I'm out and about for a couple of errands.  This feels like a pretty good day- I'm going to go eat.


Monday, December 19, 2011

A whole heart wish......

Today we make an offer on the house we're most interested in. This is a critical pivot point in our plan to get a house for Christmas. We could walk in to a different house, make an offer and it would be accepted in heartbeat and the owner would be thrilled. But we're dealing with a bank. There is only one way to get that house by Christmas and that would be to walk in with cash in hand.

I just completed 5 help a reporter out requests from HARO and we'll see what happens. I set up e-junkie to sell the My Quiet Dolls online but the nagging voice in the back of my head says lower the price to $1! So I have to figure that out myself or have my tech friend help me tomorrow as she's at work today.

A whole heart wish. I reread The Christmas Apron yesterday and cried. I can't help it but when my Spirit gets in touch with my heart my eyes just start leaking. This is a book that you can read to almost your whole family, at least all who are old enough to understand Santa's role in gifts and the part adults play in the "Santa Game" as we call it.

We're short I'm guessing $10,000 between where the bank wants to be and where we can be on asking price. For some that's not much but for others of us that's huge. I know God can do anything. I'm trying to do my part; work harder and smarter, fasting, praying, pondering. We've got the payment part worked out but not the bigger amount of cash we'd need to bring in at closing...well time to get dressed and get the kids taken care of and out the door for school. Send an extra prayer our way and let me know of any suggestions for making this all work.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nat King Cole - The little boy that Santa Claus forgot

Let's make sure every child is remembered...

I want everyone to have a good Christmas...

John always talks about his worst Christmas ever. His mom was just off welfare and working at a small balsa wood glider manufacturer. His one present that year was one of the small balsa wood glider kits they made at her plant. It broke as he was putting it together. Not the kind of Christmas that warms your heart...and I don't think he ever really got over it.

As the oldest of seven in a more financially secure family, my Christmases were never grim. We always had sufficient. Once I even got the beautiful twirling ballerina doll I longed for. She sat on my bed forever until her batteries corroded and destroyed both her and my favorite handmade quilt covering them both with brown acid stains. I usually got a couple of good books, one of my favorite things, often about horses.

My parents really tried to get stuff we'd like but pleasing seven kids is really hard. Believe me I know as the mother of 8. I love arts and crafts but those kits you buy at the department stores only last for one or two projects. They don't allow for much self expression or real creativity.

My Quiet Dolls on the other hand have unlimited possibilities and variations. You can buy the materials at any craft department and you can go hog wild for under $10 at a real fabric store. Pink hair green hair purple hair- there's no limit to your choices. realistic or fanciful works of art will just pour out of your kids brains when they sit down with a basic pattern and a pile of felt and markers.

My dream is for every child to have a decent Christmas. I've priced My Quiet Dolls-Jack and Jill pattern at only $1.98. If you need a present for your child and are interested in them and can't afford the $2 please let me know. If you know of someone without computer access that needs a present and My Quiet Dolls would fit the bill and be welcomed let me know and we'll work something out.

Have a joyous blessed Christmas this year.

Not what I'd planned...

Today was not the day I'd planned it to be. I woke up and just felt off. Sure enough I've got a case of the flu. I know I'm sick when I take a 3 hour nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

I got out of bed at 11 and stayed awake to check my Amazon Vine targeted newsletter- It's kinda cool. I reviewed some products on Amazon, bought just the right stuff and they asked me to be one of their reviewers. Now I tell everyone I know to write reviews on Amazon whenever you buy something. You get up to 4 free products a month to evaluate and keep.

I really intended to do some serious publicity pushes on My Quiet Dolls-Jack and Jill but I only got a few emails and posts off. Well better luck tomorrow.


So much for getting really ramped up today. I woke up withe the flu. Not super bad but I'm taking it easy and staying away from folks. Only 8 am and I'm headed back to bed. The family is invited to a pizza part tonight so I don't even have to think about dinner.
PS be sure and look at the My Quiet Doll page to the right of this post. Maybe I should offer a bonus pattern for purchases between now and Christmas. What's your favorite pattern of mine? Or should I do a new one? I'll sleep on it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life.
Billy Graham

Saw this quote and totally agree with it. Today I was up and about and pretty energetic and then my energy just seemed to evaporate. I'm fasting again today but that hasn't been an issue with energy. In fact I've felt great and when I stepped on the scale yesterday, I weighed the same clothed as I was without clothes before fasting. I was able to eat one homemade hamburger last night instead of the two I usually eat. I thought I might be getting sick so took some peppermint oil. That peppermint oil has been a real blessing while fasting since it makes my breath fresh and my mouth not so dry.

Guess I'd better get busy and clean. I've got two ladies coming over to talk about essential oils today and hope I can help them with their health issues!
Have a blest Christmas season!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Count it all joy!


Just listened to Joni and Friends radio show on the link above. I like the one "Streams in the Desert". I like the part about making our cross into our crown.

What a great gift God has given us to come to earth, clothed in flesh and as I think Wordsworth put it

"Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting. Not in entire forgetfulness, and not in utter nakedness, but trailing clouds of glory do we come."
William Wordsworth

Joni has always been an inspiration to me. An amazing women who despite her disabilities has the voice of an angel, speaks and inspires many and if I'm remembering right is an artist as well.

She "counts it all joy" James 1:2

Hate my cover.....

Sorry Diana but I the more I look at the cover we created the more I dislike it. Hate is probably a strong word but I'm using it as the opposite of love at this point. I want to love my cover. I'm not currently posting it as I don't know how to shrink it down for an appropriate posting size. Budget is definitely a huge issue at this point as far as available cash or I'd see about hiring someone.

I've got several very creative local friends but the one I approached first - well, a slight improvement but still not loving it.

Would it be appropriate to do a contest? What regulations would I have to follow? I know I probably have to have the phrase "no purchase necessary" in my legal requirements. They really don't need to buy the pattern to enter. What would be an appropriate prize? An awesome one of a kind custom assembled doll kit and to have their cover published on the e-book?

Also I want these dolls on the market before Christmas so time is of the essence.

The more I think about it the more I'm thinking this could be blessing in disguise. I love contests. I love the idea of winning and competing in a creative endeavor. I could even post a few of those selected and see which one sells the best and that one would win.... E-junkie allows ten options before a price increase but that might be too many to make folks chose between. What would be the ideal number?

I'm giving this idea some mental time to peculate? I think I like it!

Friday, December 9, 2011

It was a good day.....

So yesterday Diana and I had very productive day on finishing up my introductory pattern to My Quiet Dolls. We've called it Jack and Jill and it contains patterns for one boy and girl and an outfit for each of them. The boy had overalls with cuffs at the bottom and the girl has a jumper with a ruffle at the bottom.

Today I'm asking friends to look over everything and see if I need to do anything to make it cuter or more professional or ????? It's so close and I could sell it as is on e-junkie but I want it to be the best it can be at this point. Wish I knew how to just post the cover but I'll probably have to have her send it to me as a separate file so I don't accidentally just post the whole thing :) After all one of the goals is to make some money for our house.

Another of my goals is to get these patterns into the hands of young girls to expand and develop their creativity and self esteem. Making something of quality and being allowed to chose hair color, skin color and how you want to personalize it is a great boost to a young artist's ego.

I can hardly wait till 6 when I break my fast... I held off today so that I could eat at the church Christmas party tomorrow instead of still fasting then. The 24 hours fast, 24 hours eat like regular, and then fast again thing is working pretty good but I didn't look at my calendar when I started.

I think fasting is easier for a guy unless he as a physical job like my husband the butcher. It's hard to be the mom and fast and have to make meals for everyone. I keep reminding myself, it's ok to be thirsty. I'm fasting.

I remember once when I was a teen and was driving somewhere with my sister. She pulled out a Twinkie and handed it to me and I devoured it before I even remembered I was fasting. I do much better now but all it takes is forgetting for a minute....
I'd better start now before I start talking more about food. Best to just think about other things like the house, like what will get us our house,,,, etc.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A God of Miracles

I was running around this morning and as I was headed out the bedroom door I realized I hadn't read scriptures yet this morning. I went back and opened up to where I last read. I read today about having a God of miracles. It touched my soul because at this point it WILL take a miracle to get our house for Christmas. But that's ok because miracles make the best stories.

I read of miracles from the past; the creation of the world, parting the red sea,etc. Every part of the creation from the animals to the plants and oceans and water are all miracles. The preservation of God's chosen people, the Jewish nation shows miracle after miracle down to the present day.

This is once again a day of fasting for me. I want to have God's help in doing whatever needs to be done to make this miracle of a house for Christmas happen. The e-book My Quiet Dolls is not coming together quite as quickly as I want. The pattern pieces are now "perfect", at least the ones for this getting started pattern. But the book part is pretty rough. My tech helper is pregnant with her third child and I totally appreciate her help but she can only help so much for so long with the demands on her life. I am not capable at this time of doing the computer work that needs to be done and finished up.

I think today we'll start our efforts out together with prayer. Prayer makes everything better.

Thanks God for all the help you give me every day. Thanks for all the unseen efforts that you are working on behind the scenes that I know nothing of. Thank you for a fairly clear mind as apposed to how my brain gets bogged down at times. Thank you for a supportive husband and loving family. Thank you for the gifts and talents you have bestowed on me. I hope that I can let my light shine and bring glory to thee. Thank you for thy direction and influence in my life. I love Thee Lord Jesus. Be it unto me according to thy will and purposes.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Sunday our family fasted about getting a house, among other things. It was a very spiritual day. I've been getting a little impatient about my efforts and how things haven't worked out yet.
I remembered a book I read recently called Divine Signatures by Gerald Lund (I think..) The basic premise is that we see God's handiwork often but sometimes things are so obviously done for our benefit that it is like "He signed it". Not as eloquently as Mr. Lund put it but I think you get the gist.

I shared a special story with my family from the book about when the Lund family was faced with the possibility of having three mortgages. The father and author chose to fast every other day until he received his answer to what he should do. Within a week the Lord set things right in amazing ways and the issues that loomed large were resolved.

I decided to to likewise. I fasted Sunday. Great day..... Monday John was off and we made a trip to Idaho Falls to do some errands. Today I"m fasting again. I haven't told anyone but you my blog audience and I'll be posting a link on 48days.net for a discussion about fasting.

The day started out differently. I was awake at 5 when my hubby left for work but I stayed in bed pondering. I finally got up, did a few things like read scriptures and I started to write in my prayer journal. I had only written about 5 lines and I felt like I needed to get up and fix breakfast bars for my son. So I jumped out of my snuggly bed (my place of choice for devotions) got dressed and cooking. I didn't shower because I had to drive my son to a practice and didn't want my hair to freeze. It was probably about 4 degrees outside.

Ended up being no practice so we drove back home together. My youngest son missed the bus and I drove him to school. After dropping him off I felt a big burst of energy and decided to stop by the hardware store. They had all the stuff I needed for a homemade soap cutter for $10. I'd been waiting forever to buy one online but I couldn't bear to spend the $55. I'd called another local soap maker and her husband told me how to make one myself. Now I have one less excuses for not making soap which we need.

I came home and with more energy approached my to-do list. One thing was to contact the septic company and get a bill for my Dad before the end of the year. The quote had been $5,000. When the bill was faxed over it was for only $415! I even called to double check if there'd been a mistake. No mistake. God is good and it's not even noon yet. I can't wait to see what else I accomplish today with HIS help.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Take a chance....

You miss 100% of the shots you never take." Wayne Gretzky

Well the only way I see to get our house for Christmas is to get an ebook done of my Quiet Dolls. They're cute. We're tweaking them on the computer so they look better than ever. I made some up from the perfected patterns Let's see if I'm smart enough to post a picture!